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TMJ disorder affects millions of Americans daily. Our experienced dental team is eager to provide reliable and effective TMJ treatment options to help relieve the symptoms that go along with TMJ disorder. What is TMJ disorder, and how can our team in Park Ridge help your smile? Continue reading on to learn more about treatment options.

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What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is an essential part of the jaw as it connects the lower jaw to the skull. This part is what allows your mouth to speak and chew foods effectively. A disorder is caused when the joints and muscles stop functioning correctly. The result can be severe pain and added strain on day-to-day activities. There is a wide range of situations that can cause a TMJ disorder. A misalignment of the upper and lower jaw is usually the main culprit. When the bite does not align correctly, it can lead to a wide range of further issues and symptoms that can vary between patients. Common symptoms include headaches, earaches, limited use of the jaw, and extreme tenderness.

What Are TMJ Treatment Options?

Regular dental exams and cleanings are crucial ways to diagnose and treat different issues. During your next appointment, your dentist can provide you with a thorough consultation involving a series of x-rays to diagnose your TMJ disorder effectively. After your diagnosis, your dentist can begin a custom treatment plan. A mouth guard may be provided to you to wear throughout the night as it will keep your teeth protected. Different relaxation methods can be implemented throughout the day to relieve symptoms of TMJ disorder. Your dentist may also recommend a realignment that will help to restore everything to its proper place.

Are you affected by symptoms related to TMJ disorder? If so, our park ridge dentist team is eager to provide quick relief to your pain. Contact our dental clinic in Park Ridge for more information regarding treatment options today or set up your next consultation with a team member.

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