Oral Cancer Screenings In Park Ridge,il

No one wants to have to hear the terrible news: that they have cancer. Cancer is sadly a common disease where cells that don’t normally end up multiplying. This is when it gets dangerous because it attaches to healthy parts of your body and makes them unhealthy.

Oral cancer is specific cancer that you find on the mouth, lips, tonsils, throat, tongue, and more — generally anything oral-related. We provide cancer screenings for people to help make sure nothing goes unchecked.

When it comes to oral cancer screening, there is both a physical and visual exam that takes place. Sometimes exams just occur to check as a preventative measure, and other times, they are performed in response to a few abnormal signs. Cancer screenings should happen regularly.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Visual Exam

The visual exam often comes first. From the neck up to the nose are a part of this exam, along with connecting tissues down the mouth and throat.

A dentist at Park Ridge checks the oral cavities for any strange bumps, lumps, abrasions, strange colors, or anything else different from the usual. A mirror is used when the dentist checks your teeth, and they make sure to examine everything.

Physical Exam

The visual exam leads to the follow up of a physical-exam. This means that they take their hands and try to feel around for any strange lumps or bumps that they might not have been able to see adequately. They may question you to see if anything hurts when they touch it, as that could be a potential sign of cancer.

When it Comes to Oral Cancer Screenings

The reason people get oral cancer screenings is to help prevent cancer, to notice anything strange that might cause problems if left untreated. It’s important to check regularly, especially if you drink alcohol, use tobacco, or other issues that can contribute to the development of oral cancer.

Give Complete Health Dentistry a call in Ridge Park and set up a simple and easy cancer screening today. We look forward to seeing you in our office!

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