Digital X-rays In Park Ridge, Il

When you go to a dentist for an examination, they will sometimes do x-rays to find out how your tooth growth is progressing or determine if there is any damage to structures beneath your gums. If you’re worried about your or your child’s exposure to radiation, you may wonder if digital x-rays are safer.

Fortunately, they are safer because your exposure is much less with modern x-rays. Our dentist in Park Ridge, IL, uses digital dental x-rays that are safer than x-rays of the past.

Digital X-rays

How to Take Digital Dental X-Rays?

Traditional x-rays used film to display an image of your bones and teeth beneath your gums. They also use radiation to take the images. While they didn’t eliminate radiation, digital imaging uses 80 percent less than older x-ray machines.

When a dental assistant takes you for x-rays, you will sit down in front of the digital x-ray machine, and they will point a sensor at the area from where they want images. In some cases, the machine will have a frame onto which you rest your chin and forehead, and the sensor will sweep around your head to get images of your teeth and jaws.

As the sensor takes the images, they transfer the digital x-rays to a computer. Instead of developing film to see them, the digital pictures will appear on a computer screen immediately for the dentist to review in the exam room and explain to you.It took traditional x-rays several minutes for a technician to develop.

Advantages of Dental Digital X-Rays

Along with seeing dental images much quicker, digital imaging has several other advantages for the patient and the dental practice. As they are seen instantly on a computer screen, they help shorten your appointments if your x-rays show that your teeth and structures are okay.

Our dentist near you deals with less hazardous waste because digital imaging uses less radiation. Also, since they no longer need film developed, they store and throw away fewer chemicals and film. Not needing film and developing chemicals can help the dentist save on supply costs.

If you want a dentist who is concerned about the health of their patients when it comes to exposure to radiation, book an appointment with our dentist at Complete Health Dentistry.

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