Cbct (Cone Beam Computed Tomography System)

When imaging is necessary at a dentist’s office, they have many different systems that dentists use. Along with digital x-rays and handheld digital scanners, some dentists use CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography. The machine produces a 3D CBCT scan of the underlying structures in the mouth, such as bones, nerves, and other soft tissues.
CBCT System

What Does CBCT Scan Show?

When a dentist needs to see beneath your gums at the structures of your mouth, they will have you get a dental CBCT scan. The scans are three-dimensional so that dentists can evaluate the pictures and look for damage, disease, or other changes to the structures without needing to take multiplex-rays.

Taking a scan requires little to no prep of the patient so, a dental assistant will take you back to the radiology for the CBCT scan. The machine may have an upright chair that patients sit on. This version has a rotating C-arm that moves around the head to take images. Otherwise, it will be a machine with a moveable table that patients lie on for the3D CBCT scan.

The arm of the chair scanner takes less than a minute, about 40 seconds, to go around the head. It takes up to 200 images in that time. The 3D cone beam CT scan takes scans at every angle and creates a 3D model from them.

Are CBCT Scans Safe?

If you have children, you may wonder if a CBCT scan near me is safe. The good news is that CBCT in dentistry is about ten times safer than CT scans in medical imaging. Also, our staff makes sure to take precautions to keep our patients from being unnecessarily exposed to radiation.

Why Do Dentists Use CBCT Scans in Park Ridge?

A dental CBCT helps orthodontists make evaluations of the entire tooth. They help dentists find and remove impacted wisdom teeth. If a root canal is complicated, the cone beam CT scan near me can treat it successfully, and dentists can accurately place dental implants with the images they provide.

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