3d Intraoral Digital Scanner In Park Ridge, Il

The changes in dentistry brought about by advances in technology are tremendous. Dentists can use lasers to cut flesh instead of scalpels and change settings to remove a tooth or enamel when dealing with cavities. They also have access to three-dimensional intraoral scanners that can capture images of a patient’s teeth.
3d Intraoral Digital Scanner

What Does a Scanner Do?

This electronic device takes 3D images of teeth to help orthodontists with smile makeovers. They also measure the mouth to help design retainers or palatal appliances. Dentists can also use the images from a digital intraoral scanner to design clear aligners like those by Invisalign® and other companies.

They also aid in the design of partial prostheses and obturators, which are protheses that help close defects after surgeries on the palate. Some surgeries remove tumors from the maxilla, which is the upper jawbone.

Types of 3D Scanners

There are two types of 3D intraoral scanners available to dentists: photographic scanners and Video scanners. Photographic 3D scanners take images of the area they need to scan, and software merges those images to construct the digital 3D model to take measurements to build the protheses patients need.

A video scanner works in much the same way a video recorder does. It passes over the subject, your teeth and gums, and sends back images of the scanned area. The images help build a 3D model from which to work.

When the dentists at Complete Health Dentistry put the scanner pencil in the mouth, it emits a light, which is either a laser or structured light, and moves over the targeted area. As it passes over your teeth and gums, it creates a 3D model on the device’s touch screen.

Benefits of Dental Intraoral Scanner

Along with benefits for dentists and their practices, the patient also benefits from the use of 3D scanners. Instead of making molds for taking impressions, the dentist can use a scanner for accurate models of teeth.

If you need aligners or other protheses to makeover your smile, book an appointment with Complete Health Dentistry as they use advanced technology, like the best intraoral scanner, for taking images of your teeth.

About 3D Intraoral Scanner

A faster and more comfortable experience for dental patients: 3Shape Trios scanner.

The patients that have been subjected to both the conventional impression technique and the digital technique experience a profound difference. The old molding technique is quite messy. The patient is forced to sit with a large rubber-like material in the mouth for fifteen minutes. Many patients choke, gag, and experience great discomfort. The digital technique is more comfortable since it scans the teeth, which only requires a few minutes of the patient’s time. It also allows for the possibility to show the patient a 3D impression of their teeth on a screen right after the impression has been made. Another positive aspect for the patient is, of course, a better-looking and fitting end result. Restorations created from a completely digital process are delivered faster and with a more precise fit and fewer chairside adjustments.

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