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Your Crooked And Gapped Teeth Comfortably Straightened By Invisalign

October 1, 2021
Do you wonder how your crooked and gapped teeth can receive corrective treatment helping you overcome the immense challenges you are currently confronting? You may think it is practically impossible to correct the imperfections in your mouth comfortably and need treatments from orthodontic specialists, making you endure three years or more of metal brackets and wires. If so, you haven’t kept yourself abreast of advances in dentistry over the last two decades, providing you a comfortable alternative to have the corrections you need comfortably and without any metal in your mouth.
Your Crooked And Gapped Teeth Comfortably Straightened By Invisalign

Suppose you had heard about the Park Ridge dentist. In that case, you will instantly re-evaluate your thinking because the dentist is an Invisalign certified provider helping everyone between 14 and 40 to correct dental imperfections using Invisalign clear plastic aligners. Would you mind not assuming your teeth are stubborn and will not move into their correct positions unless held and pushed by metal?

A revolutionary treatment was developed by Invisalign in the late 90s allowing everyone to straighten their teeth using the virtually invisible dental-grade clear plastic aligners. Furthermore, the manufacturers of this treatment changed orthodontic treatments forever by training dentists to treat people with dental imperfections instead of relying on orthodontists, specialists in the business of straightening teeth and misalignments with your jaw. If you had researched Invisalign treatment, you might have had straighter teeth, a better-aligned jaw, and a beautiful smile without thinking about metal brackets wires or enduring the challenges posed by misaligned teeth.

Are the Plastic Aligners Effective for Treating Misalignments?

Invisalign clear aligners have benefited nearly 10 million globally, giving them better-looking teeth and a beautiful smile faster than traditional orthodontic treatments. You will likely express surprise when you hear the benefits of Invisalign to conclude you must get this treatment to straighten your teeth and get rid of the problems with tooth decay and gum disease that are currently concerning you.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

What happens when you choose traditional orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth? First, you visit an orthodontist, get your teeth evaluated, and have the brackets and wires attached to your teeth to keep the treatment ongoing until the orthodontist permanently removes them.

Invisalign treatment is entirely different because you visit the dentist in Park Ridge, undergo an assessment of your teeth, have the dentist take digital images of your teeth, look at how your smile looks after the treatment, and return home awaiting your custom made clear aligners from the dentist. After a few weeks, you revisit the dentist to collect your first batch of clear aligners, which you must wear over your teeth for a fortnight. Every two to three weeks, the manufacturers dispatch a fresh collection of aligners to your dentist, which you can collect during your bi-monthly visits to assess your progress. Isn’t the treatment modality different than traditional treatments?

In reality, more benefits exist with Invisalign treatment detailed hereunder for your help.

As Invisalign clear aligners are not attached to your teeth, you can remove them whenever you want to eat all your favorite foods, beverages and even brush and floss teeth. Doesn’t this benefit remove the fear of tooth decay and other infections familiar with traditional orthodontic treatments? However, the flexibility of removing the aligners is only for a couple of hours every day because the clear braces must remain on your teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours. Therefore you mustn’t compromise on the timeline as it may affect your desired results or delay your treatment making it more expensive.

Invisalign clear aligners don’t need adjustments every month because you replace the existing aligners with a new set every fortnight. The treatment eliminates the requirement of visiting orthodontists frequently or even emergency dentists occasionally complaining about broken wires or irritation in your mouth.

No Monthly Assessments during Invisalign Treatment at All?

Yes, you don’t have to schedule monthly appointments with an orthodontic specialist to assess your progress. On the contrary, you visit the Park Ridge dentist once every 6 to 8 weeks for the assessment and pick up your fresh batch of aligners to continue your treatment.

Is Invisalign the Appropriate Solution for You?

During your first appointment with the Invisalign provider, the specialist evaluates your teeth to determine whether the situation bothering you is straightforward or complicated. Invisalign is an excellent alternative treatment helping you comfortably and discreetly straighten your teeth if you have mild to moderate orthodontic issues such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps between your teeth.

Unfortunately, suppose you have a complicated situation the above. In that case, Invisalign may not be the appropriate solution for you, and the dentist recommends you seek treatment from an orthodontist to correct the issues. However, consider yourself fortunate if you are deemed suitable because you will soon have beautiful teeth and a straighter smile from Invisalign comfortably and discreetly.

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