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Should You Go For Sealant Or Filling? Don’t Make The Decision Before You Read This

April 1, 2020
If you are at crossroads to go for dental sealant or dental fillings for you or your child, then you need to take some time to understand and know better before proceeding. It is not a decision of what is good and bad, but one that needs an understanding of the options and choosing what suits you. The contest of dental sealants vs. filling should be considered from the view of what one's condition is and the advantages offered by the options.
Should You Go For Sealant Or Filling? Don’t Make The Decision Before You Read This

The decision should also be made based on the target for the procedures. An adult’s best option varies from a child’s best option. To help you know which option will be best for you or your child, we will compare the two procedures’ similarities and differences.

Dental sealants

There are dental sealants for kids and dental sealants for adults. Dental sealants, unlike fillings, are preventive treatments conducted on the back end teeth, which are premolars and molars with deep crevices. The deep crevices are known to cause decay by hosting bacteria. Having them sealed prevents the cluster and settlement of decay-causing bacteria.

The sealant is a plastic film that comes in the tooth’s color and is applied on the surface of the teeth taking the natural shape of the teeth grooves. The flowing material, once settled, is cured using ultraviolet light so that it becomes hard. The dentist then must ensure that the patient’s bite is aligned, creating a smooth surface that can be cleaned normally.

Dental fillings

On the other hand, a dental filling is a procedure that is restorative or repairs after the damage has been done. The procedure involves filling the hole that has been created out of the decay. The decay is initially removed before the dental filling material is applied. The filling material options include composite, amalgam, or gold, among others.

The process of application of dental fillings is similar to the sealant. However, the decaying part must be first cleaned and the decay removed before the materials are applied. Ultraviolet light is also used to harden the surface before the patient’s bite is adjusted to complete the procedure.

The similarity between sealants and filings

Both options are optional such that you are not restricted to having them. However, for filling, in some cases, it is necessary. Both options are applied to the groves of the teeth targeting the prevention or repair of the damage that the tooth decay caused and enhanced by the grooves in the teeth. They are a protective material to the enamel. The solutions have a similar application procedure such that they involve the application of a seal that is hardened by ultraviolet light, and the bite is adjusted.

Differences between sealants and filling

The main difference between the two is the longevity of the applied intervention. A sealant is only expected to last not more than a year, while fillings can last up to ten years. The sealant is preventive, while the filling is a form of damage repair.

Sealants are ideally applied to kids, and sealants for kids’ teeth can be avoided by regular brushing and high levels of oral hygiene. On the other hand, depending on the level of damage, you may find filling mandatory. If you are going for filling, you should expect the natural structure of teeth to be changed as the decayed parts are removed, which is not the case for sealants.

In summation, sealants are good for kids to prevent tooth decay. It is a preventive measure that can prevent future filling if taken seriously when the kids are still young. On the other hand, dental sealants for adults can be prevented by ensuring the grooves in the teeth are regularly cleaned and settling food sediments always removed.

To know more about these issues and your options, consider searching dentists near me and visit the nearest dentist for a better explanation based on the evaluation of your dental condition. This way, you can get the right advice that matches your specific needs and have the right intervention for you or your child.

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