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Do Any Celebrities Wear Dentures?

July 1, 2023
Everyone knows getting dentures is daunting, and the experience can make you feel insecure with your new teeth. However, the insecurity disappears as you get accustomed to your pearly whites, and the discomfort in your mouth also subsides.
Do Any Celebrities Wear Dentures?

Whatever your age stressing about wearing dentures will not help because, believe it or not, several celebrities wear dentures or have had dentures earlier before shifting to alternative options.

Tooth loss is a typical problem in America and globally, affecting approximately 70 percent of adults who seek dentures as optimal for their needs. For example, celebrities in the movie and TV industry rely on their teeth to display a beautiful smile but are not invulnerable to dental infections like cavities, gum disease, or impacts on their mouth, causing them to lose their teeth or get them extracted. Therefore many celebrities do have dentures and wear them on stage and off stage to ensure their smile appears beautiful.

Which Celebrities Have Dentures?

Dentures are an excellent investment in your smile because they make you appear fantastic. Dental prosthetics also mimic the actions of your natural teeth to enhance your quality of life in all aspects.

Celebrities from all walks of life have used dentures to make their smiles appear youthful. It includes aged and young stars like Emma Watson during the start of the Harry Potter series. Other celebrities with false teeth include Ben Affleck, Demi Moore, Nicole Polizzi, Jon Bon Jovi, Clark Gable, and many others. In addition, some stars adapted to dentures before their 30s to benefit from the cost-effective convenience.

Why celebrities favored dentures to have false teeth instead of their natural teeth? The answer to the question is apparent, isn’t it? They lost their teeth due to oral infections and permanent damage before investing in dentures and started wearing false teeth to maintain their appearance and their smile. Some stars opted for dentures because it was a temporary fix for their everyday lives that allowed them to continue working and eating without hindrance besides speaking and smiling.

Should You Get Dentures?

If you miss teeth for the same reasons that celebrities do, it helps if you seek replacements for missing teeth as soon as possible before you start enduring the consequences of tooth loss. Therefore, you must consider visiting the dentist in Park Ridge, IL, requesting dentures that appear natural and perfectly mimic your natural teeth.

If you want to substitute your missing teeth, you can consider various options like dental bridges and implants to replace them. However, dental bridges structurally damage the adjacent teeth neighboring the missing tooth when providing you with natural-looking artificial teeth. Dental bridges are excellent for replacing two or more missing teeth in your mouth.

If you want a permanent replacement for the missing teeth, you cannot find anything better than dental implants appearing, feeling, and functioning like your natural teeth. However, dental implants are not a quick-fix solution and require surgery with plenty of healing time before you can get an artificial tooth mounted on the implant. In addition, implants and bridges cost thousands of dollars, making them an expensive option to replace missing teeth.

If you are looking for a quick fix for the teeth you lost without having to endure excessive investment or discomfort, dentures near you are an excellent option because they sit on your gums without needing surgery or structurally damaging the neighboring teeth beside the missing tooth. Technological advances help dentists make dentures appear and feel like natural teeth. They only need some impressions of your mouth and remaining teeth to fabricate excellent dental prosthetics for you in a few weeks.

How to Obtain Your New Dentures?

The first step to obtaining your new dentures is to see the dentist near you to explain your situation requesting dentures. Expect the dentist to take impressions of your teeth and mouth and ask you to return in a week to provide more images, if required to create a mold to start fabricating your dentures.

Dentures contain a pink-colored plastic base with artificial teeth mounted on them to help you replace your missing teeth. Whether you need partial or complete dentures depends on your unique situation. However, you can have dentures customized for your mouth and wear them confidently, similar to celebrities. You will only realize you have false teeth once you make a concerted effort to show them off.

Celebrities rely on their teeth to display beautiful smiles, and so can you if you have lost your natural teeth. If you want to appear at your best, like your favorite stars, The Art of Dentistry provides dentures as replacements for your missing teeth. Kindly arrange a meeting with them to receive the substitutes you need for your lost teeth.

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