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An Easy Way to Restore Your Smile in Park Ridge

July 16, 2019
With more and more advances being made in modern dentistry every day, there are more and more solutions for smile enhancements, as well. If you’ve been told that your smile or oral health could benefit from a dental crown in Park Ridge, but you have questions about the procedure, we hope the following information will encourage you to visit a dentist near you in Park Ridge or a dental clinic near 60068 for a consultation as the first step to your smile makeover.
Dental Crown in Park Ridge, IL

Situations that Benefit from a Dental Crown

Your dental professional in Park Ridge, IL, may suggest that a dental crown treatment is recommended in the following situations:

  • You have a really weak tooth that needs to be reinforced
  • You have a missing tooth that would benefit from a dental bridge
  • You have a tooth that is discolored and does not respond to professional whitening
  • You have a smile that you know can be enhanced with this type of restorative dentistry
  • You want a dental crown because you want your teeth to look their best

The good news about each of these benefits is that there are several different dental crown types that your dentist can choose from. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), there are advantages and disadvantages to each type. When you schedule an appointment for a dental crown consultation in Park Ridge, your dental care team will examine your teeth to determine which type will work best for your lifestyle and budget, and answer any questions you have.

What to Expect in a Dental Crown Placement Procedure

Most dental crown procedures take two appointments, but this time can vary by the patient or dental practitioner. In some cases, if a tooth is badly damaged and not built-up enough to receive a crown, it may need to be built up with dental filling material to ensure that it will effectively accept the crown. Your dental professional will be able to advise you of the possibility ahead of your crown procedure.

Get Park Ridge Dental Crowns Today

Think you or a loved one may benefit from a dental crown in Park Ridge? We invite you to schedule your appointment with Complete Health Dentistry today to determine if dental crowns near you are the best option for you and your smile.

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